Supported Printers

In 2001, ImagePrint 6 set the standard for fine art quality from an inkjet printer. We continue to demand it, and our customers expect nothing less. That's a very high bar and not all printers can deliver it. We continue to evaluate new printers and will bring support for any that meet our strict standard of performance across all media types.

Quality without compromise is our only objective.

13 " Printers 17" Printers 24" Printers 44" Printers 64" Printers
Epson P600 Epson P5000 Canon PRO-2000 Canon PRO-4000   Canon PRO-6000
Epson 2880 Canon PRO 1000 Epson P6000 Epson P10000 Epson 11880
Epson 2400 Epson P800 Epson P7000CE Epson P8000 Epson 20000
Epson 2200 Epson 4900 Epson P7000 Epson P9000CE  
  Epson 4880 Epson 7890 Epson P9000  
  Epson 3880 Epson 7900 Epson 9890  
  Epson 3800 Epson 7880 Epson 9900  
  Epson 4800 Epson 7800 Epson 9880  
  Epson 4000 Epson 7600 Epson 9800  
      Epson 9600