Our customers are the best.
It's nice to know they feel the same way about us.

Neal Rantoul Says

I've been using IP 9 for about a week now and although nowhere near to understanding all its capabilities, I want to thank you and those at Color Byte who worked on the new version. I am struck first of all at how easy it is to use the menus, drop downs and the general interfacing in the setup area. Exactly as you said it, this helps avoid that OMG feeling when I've started printing a 44 inch sheet and realized I've done it completely wrong. Now, if I do that I really do have to blame it all on myself as opposed to someone else. But, also this will help immeasurably in training first time users to print from IP. Thank you so much for that, as at school we have to that a lot. I also think the access to profiles is a big improvement. I can see what they are and also get them from your site far easier than before. This is big for those of us that use multiple papers and paper styles. So, many thanks. It looks very, very good so far.

Pete Meyers Says

I just wanted to thank you for super split tone. Now that I am dialed-in, I am getting really amazing results. So much so that it has me thinking about heading back to monochrome exclusively. It is so darn hard to print monochrome images, and few people realize it. Sometime I have been sorely tempted by Cones inks for just that reason. But IP9 is delivering a different type of tonality---which is really important. I have made a fair number of platinum prints, including hand-coated. I have made silver prints using POP paper, and gold toning. All of these prints have a complexity to them that has been sorely lacking in the digital world. Finally, I have a tool that can great monochrome split tone beauty in its own right. Not emulating the past, but truly stretching towards the future. Anyway, a big thanks!

Eric Meola Says

Once the ImagePrint software and profiles are installed, it is very easy to get a professional quality prints with perfectly "dialed in" color. With the Epson drivers I find it a struggle to get all the settings properly configured to get a decent print. In addition, the amount of paper and time that I save using ImagePrint really ads up. I have more than paid for the software with time and material savings. Anyone who wants to achieve the ultimate in print quality should try out ImagePrint - it really represents the state of the art in digital printing technology. Thank you ColorByte software - please keep up the great work!

Mike Louw Says

Best Mac version so far! Easy installation; no issues with adding printer; "just works"! I love it. I don't know what's been done under the hood, but I think my prints look even better than with Version 8.

Curt Reif Says

Dear ColorByte Software people, I heard about your software from Will Crockett's "Shoot Smarter University" as I had taken a Fuji seminar with Will some years ago. I was somewhat dubious as I know Will can be *very* picky and, frankly the price for my brand new Epson 7800 is high. However....... after wasting a day struggling with Epson's driver, and getting really awful results, I decided to give your downloadable demo a try. The bet was if your software would print the same images perfectly, on the first try, without any correction on my part, that matched the screen preview (have I qualified this enough yet???) I would quite whining about the price and buy it immediately. You nailed it. There are only two other items that have worked this well "out of the box", my Powerbooks and my Nikon's. My order was placed just about two hours ago. Thank you!

Louis Ratté Says

Because of the quality of your profiles, sharpness area are sharper, out of focus areas have better bokeh, transition between darker and lighter areas are smoother. And overall, the “purity” of the image is better. It finally makes sense to have a "controlled line" of production. And as I wrote in my last email, without the hassle of going into profiling and linearization. But I have finally found one drawback: photography is going to get more expensive for me now: since the prints look so much better, I have started to print on larger format and since I use Hahnemuhle papers, lat weekend I ended up going out of the photo store with a bill over 1 000$ for just a few boxes of 17” x 22” paper!!!! But all worth it when I saw the prints… Also, I went into testing B&W printing, first with the Wide Gamut Tint picker which is cool, but then in gray tone with the Narrow Tint Picker!!!! Like being back in the darkroom printing on Agfa Brovira paper! Such a great range of tonalities, absolutely neutral (“MY” feeling of neutral or as far as I can tell or have seen since numeric printing), detail reach shadows!!! And I have only practice on matte Fine Art paper as of yet. Making B&W printing what it should be: " B&W printing”. All about printing of light, impressions and feelings.